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Jess Todtfeld, Former TV Producer w/ABC, NBC & FOX, Guinness Record Holder for publicity,
and Best Selling Author of "Media Secrets:  A Media Training Crash Course.

Learn how to be in the TOP 5% of Summit Attendees. 

Keep reading below. We have limited attendance.
media ready
at the Summit.  

Look, Sound, & Feel Your Best.
Be the Stand Out They're Looking For.

***Create 5 YouTube Videos to
Share With Producers.***

Exclusive Pre-Day Event
(Limited to only 18 attendees)
When it closes out, it closes
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Recent Attendees Got From the Program:

Some of the attendees from the last group talk about RESULTS they got

“At the Summit I felt more confident and comfortable than anyone there…”
Howard Kaplan – Financial Advisor & Coach

“I learned how to speak in sound bites, how to look, act ... and most of all, confidence.

Holly Holden – Interior Design Consultant

“I used the techniques yesterday at the Summit… Sound Bites...
it took the anxiousness out and gave me such confidence.”

Virginia Clarke – Career Management Consultant

What Is This Program? 
What Actually Happens at this Workshop?  
  •  LOOK AND SOUND MEDIA READY​- You'll learn techniques to look like someone who is comfortable on-air and can handle any question they throw at you
  •  ELIMINATE FEAR - Jess eliminates the unknown, gets you comfortable knowing what to expect
  •  KNOW WHICH PITCH PRODUCERS WANT - Learn techniques and systems you can use to better read producers, writers and other media you pitch.
  •  GIVE PITCHES THAT SOUND LIKE A FINISHED SEGMENT​- Producers and other media are listening to hear if they like your story AND if you sound like someone they'd book.
  •  OTHER TECHNIQUES FOR BEING IN THE TOP 5%​- But Most people don't think the way Jess Todtfeld, your instructor does.  There's a reason why he set a Guinness Record for Most Interviews Giving in 24 hours ... 112 different radio stations.
I was one of the producers being pitched at the Summit for years. 

After leaving television and starting my media training firm, I realized I was in a unique position to show attendees exactly what producers what to see... both in your pitch AND how you carry yourself.
Here's The Itinerary:
  •   Before the day even starts, Jess will do a group conference call, helping you to feel like you are showing up with the right materials.  Jess will eliminate the unknown and go through everything you can expect to happen at the Summit.
  •   Before the Summit, you will receive unique guidance on your "pitch one-sheet." The idea to take away as much stress before you even show up.
  •   You will learn Jess' system to easily create a compelling pitch while still being able to leave time for conversation with the producer. This is crucial. You want their on-the-spot feedback.
  •   Every attendee will be given a Media Training Crash Course.  When you show up looking like the real deal, producers can envision you making them look good!
  •   You will learn how to Look Your Best, Sound Your Best, and... FEEL Your Best During the pitch and ... the Interviews You Ultimately Do.
  •  You'll Get Jess' Systems for Creating Media Messages and Quotable Sound Bites.
  •  Learn and EASY system for being able to handle ANY Question that comes your way... while still being authentic.
***BONUS*** ($2500 Value)

Social Media Social Proof ... 
We will take photos of you recording your videos and posing on the set.  You can can use them on your web site or to show you are promoting your brand in New York City.

5 YouTube Video Shoot
Many producers will want to show their bosses what you are like in action.

Many of you don't have recent video
of yourself talking about your topic.

UNTIL NOW... We have a
very valuable bonus for you.

After you hit the end of your training day, you will feel extremely confident and ready to take any media outlet on.  This is the prefect time to get you on video talking about your pitches and what you'd say.

You will get to shoot 5 Short YouTube Style
Speaking-to-camera videos.

We will add graphics with your name and title/expertise on it to make it look as professional as possible.

We will also cut to different shots creating a multi-camera, high production value look


You will be coached so that you have 5 slick looking,
high definition videos.

You can use these videos:
  • To show producers you are someone who will make them look good
  • To start your own YouTube channel
  • On your web site to make it more interesting and more dynamic
  • In email newsletters and marketing promotions
Many of our attendees have felt that the day was more than worth its value just based on this bonus.

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One of the Remaining Spots 
This workshop takes place
This Is PURE Training To Help You Maximize Your Success at The National Publicity Summit.
You will hone your pitch, but you will get so much more.
This is an "Advanced Training" that will give you
the exact tools you need to close more clients
and increase your revenue.
Here's What You Can Expect
During the Workshop:
Get The Most From The Summit
Learn From Jess, who has been a producer who
attended the Summit, AND.. a Guinness Record Holder for PR.

One of Jess' unique lessons is how to "convert" interviews. This means being able to say the right things so you sell more books, drive more web traffic, and can grow your business.

MASTERING and IMPROVING your sales conversation, is the KEY to you increasing your revenue and helping more people.  This is weaved in so you get the most ANY time you give an interview.
Is this workshop worth it?
Hear from Past Attendees in their Own Words:  
"I used Jess' Strategies
at the Summit."
"What I got... Lot's of opportunities to practice."
Look at my before and after:
"Coming from a different country... The majority of the people I pitched at the Summit said YES!"
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One of the Remaining Spots 
This workshop takes place
Your Host, Jess Todtfeld – Media Trainer, #1 best selling Author,
Former National TV Producer, Guinness Record Setter
The Washington Post has called Jess Todtfeld a “Media Training Expert.”

The Washington Times has called him a “Public Relations Maven.” 

Jess helps CEOs, business executives, spokespeople, public relations reps, experts, authors, and inventors to not just do a better job when working with the media … but to CONTROL THE MEDIA. 

On a daily basis, Jess helps people to propel their business forward by helping them to make the media work FOR them instead of against them.

-Former TV Producer with ABC, NBC, and FOX

-#1 Bestseller (2016) Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course

-Jess has been featured in 50 to 100 newspapers, has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, AP, BCC, MTV, The Daily Show & More.

-Guinness Record Holder: Giving the Most Interviews:
 112 Different Radio Stations in 24 Hours
Jess Can Give You His 
Insider Secrets on Getting Publicity
You will implement what you learn at the Summit

You won't walk away with a ton of information that you'll never have time to put into action

Instead, you will use it at the Summit to Get More Yes'
and... have strategies to keep it going long after.

Diane DeNapoli, Expert & Author
"Coming to NY and coming to that class for the day was an incredible value...  I've been recommending it to people (at the Summit) all week long."
"Prior I thought... I'm terrified.

I learn how to stand, how to sit, ... how to pitch my book ...

Jess makes it seem very easy and accessible."
Diane DeNapoli, Expert & Author
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One of the Remaining Spots 
Register TODAY:
This workshop takes place
What You'll Get:

- Support, Community and Learning

- Before the workshop, you will be connected with other attendees of Jess' workshop. You can hear what others are doing to prepare while getting advice from Jess.

- Tighten the learning curve and preparation curve ... before Jess' workshop.

- During the workshop, You'll tighten your pitches while becoming media ready. You will learn how to look, sound and feel your best on-camera. While talking about your topics, Jess and other attendees will give you feed back on what resonates best.

-Get easy to lean systems for media messages, dealing with any question, sound bites, coming up with new pitch ideas and more.

-This plus the BONUS video shoot.  These videos are invaluable.

This is a safe space.
You will practice and learn
what works best... so you can 
show it off at the Summit.
More Info on the Video Shoot
How Much Does This Cost?
Get the Insider Strategies
That will help you 
Get the Most From The Summit
and help you long after.
Have questions?  Reach out to Jess Todtfeld
Either call: (800) 369-3421 or Email:
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